Solar Power

Now more than ever, businesses, municipalities, farmers, health care facilities, and other businesses are searching for ways to save money. Imagine being able to cut costs and promote your organization at the same time – the installation of a solar energy system is the optimal way to reduce the cost of electric utility bills and can even eliminate electric bills altogether depending on the size of the system.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Would your company like to increase foot traffic and create another revenue stream all while helping improve the environment? Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station is the premier option. EV Charging Stations draw consumers to businesses where an average of 80% make a purchase at the charging station location, not to mention the revenue generated from the sale of power via the EV Charging Station itself.

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Battery Storage

Does your business have critical electricity needs that require emergency backup power? Do you have a solar energy system that provides power during the day, but you would like to utilize the excess power generated later? Battery Storage is a great solution. When coupled with a solar system, Battery Storage allows solar energy to be utilized after the sun goes down instead of paying for power from the utility grid which saves money. Battery Storage can also provide the critical emergency power for IT equipment.