EV Charging

Providing Electricity as Transportation Fuel Throughout Ohio

NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions provides businesses of all types with complete, single point of contact turn-key consultation and installation of EV (Electric Vehicle) battery charging stations to meet the needs of your customers and tenants. Whether your business is in the retail, commercial, manufacturing, service, real estate, hospitality, or dining and entertainment sector, NXTGEN has a solution for you.

NXTGEN’s role is that of a consultant, client representative, and general contractor.  We guide you through the development, installation, and management of EV charging stations. Our work includes all aspects of client-support and representation including specification writing, project management, and complete installation of the Electric Vehicle charging station.

Expanding Number of EV Drivers

Throughout Ohio, as is the case across the country, the number of electric vehicles is rapidly growing. Electric Vehicle charging stations can be utilized as both a marketing and revenue stream and as an attractive amenity for customers, tenants, or visitors.  EV chargers can also help you attract and retain employees and customers. For employers, an electric vehicle charging station on your property can be an appealing employee benefit. As employees, tenants, and customers transition to electric vehicles, the value of easily accessible EV charging stations will continue to grow. EV drivers want to work, shop, and live where they can simply pull in, plug in, and go about their day. This translates to an opportunity for businesses to retain and also attract customers and employees.

Free Marketing

Electric Vehicle drivers find charging stations by using EV charging station locator apps.  The most popular and widely used app, PlugShare, is routinely used by EV drivers to plan their trips (whether near or far). This app helps drivers determine for example, which restaurant to go to, hotel to stay in, and which coffee shop is best for their next meeting.  Businesses that have EV charging stations are able to take advantage of free marketing offered by apps such as PlugShare.

EV sales reflect these changing perceptions:

59% of surveyed customers of all generations are “likely” to buy or lease an EV as their next car.

Source: West Monroe

Passenger EV sales grew from 450,000 to 2.1 million between 2015 and 2019 – a 366% increase. By 2025, sales will reach 8.5 million, quadrupling today’s sales.

Source: BloombergNEF EVO Report

EV charging stations attract customers and visitors for retail and commercial facilities alike.  EV chargers draw consumers to businesses with an average of 80% of those consumers making a purchase at the charging station owner’s location. This of course, is in addition to the revenue generating opportunity from the sale of power via the EV charging station itself.

EV Charging Station Location at a Retail Store

“Sustainability Credentials” for Your Business

Today, many customers, employees, and communities expect businesses to be responsible corporate citizens. When surveyed, consumers indicate they appreciate knowing how the brands they buy are addressing social and environmental issues.

EV charging stations in your parking lot or garage can help your institution or company develop a “green profile” and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Building an EV infrastructure that enables employees and visitors to charge vehicles is a highly effective way to visibly demonstrate your company’s or institution’s commitment to sustainability.

Employers in many industries are looking for creative ways to offer value-based perks to attract and retain skilled workers. EV charging capabilities is an excellent way to appeal to this talent. This effort is likely to be particularly necessary in sourcing Millennials and “Generation Z” employees. These two groups together will represent 70% of the global workforce by 2025.

33% of Gen Z already own an EV. While Gen Z is just reaching adulthood, environmental concerns are already driving purchasing decisions. While just entering the workforce, for Gen Z, employers who offer charging onsite will be seen as more desirable.

Source: West Monroe

75% of Millennials would work for less at a company that was environmentally responsible. Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1996, also worry about the environment and show a strong preference for employers who prioritize sustainability.

Source: Fast Company

If you are exploring electric vehicle charging as part of an upgrade to your parking facility, the professionals at NXTGEN can help. Whether you have plans to install EV chargers, need a complimentary site assessment, or simply want to better understand how your business can generate revenue by providing electricity as transportation fuel, call us at 216-920-2227 or click here to request an appointment.

Installing an Electric Vehicle charging station today will deliver returns tomorrow and well into the future.