Solar Lighting

NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions has partnered with ClearWorld to provide the world’s best solar lighting. ClearWorld’s patented Retroflex solar technology and universal arrays combined with LED light, lithium-ion batteries, and intelligent charge controllers set the standards for solar lighting. NXTGEN and ClearWorld will customize a solar-powered lighting solution for your specific needs whether it be a retrofit of existing lighting or a new installation. The ClearWorld solar lighting solutions eliminate the need for electrical raceway and wiring thereby saving installation and of course electric utility costs. The patented Retroflex solar technology can also be installed directly to your existing parking or street light poles with the lithium-ion battery and eliminate that electricity cost and power outage nuisance. What about controls? It’s as easy as an app on your smartphone.

Smart Poles

ClearWorld’s Smart Pole technology gives you Retroflex solar/battery storage/LED lighting plus an incredible number of other options. Smart Pole offerings include cameras, gunshot detection, emergency call buttons, WiFi projection up to .6 miles, and radios/antennas. Smart Poles also have wireless environmental sensors for temperature/humidity, leaks/dust, vibration/noise, and smoke/gas. Monitoring includes real-time alerts and dashboards with reports. Smart Poles can be customized with these various options to fit the requirements of our clients.

Whether you have a parking lot or street lighting, existing or a new installation, simple lighting, or full feature Smart Poles, NXTGEN and ClearWorld have you covered…from Concept to Completion.