Our History

NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions was founded by Russ Bates. Russ has worked in the power generation industry for over 28 years, with a focus in recent years on the renewable energy sector including solar, wind, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. What he noticed while involved with larger megawatt projects was the lack of small businesses taking advantage of clean energy technologies. After performing extensive research into clean energy and the small business sector, Russ determined that the best way to make a difference and help this incredibly important section of the economy was to become a small business owner himself, and he founded NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions.

NXTGEN is the one-stop-shop, concept to completion, single point of contact company for Clean Energy Solutions. NXTGEN provides consultation, project development, Engineering/Procurement/Construction partner relationships, and investor relationships to our clients. We work with small businesses, municipalities, architecture/engineering firms, educational institutions, and many others.

NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions works directly with our clients to determine the optimal clean energy technology or a combination of those technologies, that will accomplish the client’s goals. We factor in many variables, including but not limited to, energy consumption, property dynamics, financials, schedules, future expansion, and so on to establish what type of clean energy project is the best fit for each client. NXTGEN then develops that project and issues a Request for Proposal to various EPC firms for engineering and pricing, followed by a review and vetting of the proposals to ascertain which company would be the optimal source for each particular project. This is followed by a review with the client of the EPC vendor of choice proposal.
Upon contract award to the EPC for the project, NXTGEN can be the client representative and manage the project. This allows the client to focus on the primary business that they conduct, while NXTGEN ensures the clean energy project is successfully executed. NXTGEN performs site visits, conducts regular meetings with the EPC performing the work, and so on. The client can contact NXTGEN directly with any questions or concerns and can rest assured that the project will be little if any disruption to ongoing client business.

NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions is able to work in a variety of different ways with our clients as a consulting firm, project developer, project manager, client representative, or a combination of those roles. We are very fluid and able to adjust to our client’s specific needs. NXTGEN understands each client is unique and clean energy is a sector of the economy that can be complex. NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions makes it simple for our clients so that they can focus on the business of running their business.