Residential Clean Energy Solutions

Solar Power

Solar Energy is simply radiant energy emitted from the sun converted to usable electricity via solar panel technology. Solar Energy systems offset the cost of electric utility bills and can eliminate electric bills altogether depending on the size of the system. Solar panels today are well engineered, pleasing to the eye, provide service for an average of 30 years, and produce electricity on cloudy, cold, and rainy days.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles or EVs are certainly the future of transportation all over the world. The benefits of EVs are numerous including more economical to fuel and maintain than traditional gasoline vehicles and the incredible pollution reduction as EVs do not spew out harmful emissions to damage the environment. The current 30% Investment Tax Credit is also an attractive incentive to install your home charging station today.

Battery Storage

Battery Storage is a device that stores energy from either a solar system or the utility grid for later consumption. Battery Storage systems provide energy security and independence by utilizing the stored energy anytime you want whether day or night or even during a utility grid power outage. When coupled with a solar energy system, Battery Storage allows solar energy to be utilized after the sun goes down instead of paying for power from the utility grid, saving the user money.