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B-Smart Services Interviewed Russ Bates of NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions

B-Smart Services by Klarissa Botes recently interviewed NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions’ founder Russ Bates. During the interview, Klarissa asked Russ about the types of clients NXTGEN works with.

Below is part of his answer:

We are working on developing a number of projects with what I would call the smaller, mom and pop folks. As an example, I met the other day with a prospective client who owns a smaller manufacturing facility. The company is employing a lot of people and has some substantial electricity bills and. They’re really doing a lot of good work. The owners are very passionate about the environment and they want to save money too.

NXTGEN can put a solar cell and battery backup project in for them that accomplishes the goal of being conscientious environmentally and also reduces electric consumption they are buying now off the grid.

Although they are not a huge manufacturing facility, it would be a pretty good size project – about one and a half megawatts to take care of their need. The really nice part of this is it is fulfilling multiple goals: putting people to work, helping that local economy, helping that client to save dollars – that’s going to be a big deal.

Both NXTGEN and the client really want people to see this installation and know that they care. Part of the goal of the project is to locate the new solar panels right there in the front of the facility. The owners want for people to be able to see these solar panels being installed and in-use. we talked about that too.  They’re on a roadway that has several of these manufacturing facilities so they told me “you know, maybe if neighboring companies see we’re doing it they’ll start questioning, and maybe they’ll want to do it too. So if we can promote that – that’s what we would like!”

Russ loves working with those type of folks – it’s very exciting to have people who like to be leaders encouraging others to use clean energy. Clean energy is definitely the future and it’s definitely the way to go – it is very cost effective, it will help the economy, and it will also help with job creation.

Watch the entire exchange between Russ and Klarissa on YouTube here >>