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Russ Bates’ Interview with

Russ Bates, Founder & CEO of NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions, was recently interviewed by Green.Org to provide insight into his transition from the fossil fuel power generation industry to the clean energy sector as well as to share some of his experiences with founding NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions.

Green.Org is a television show, podcast, social media, and news platform that highlights climate change scientists, renewable energy experts, and clean tech entrepreneurs by giving them a voice in the mainstream media.

Green.Org was founded by Dylan Welch, the CEO of Green.Org and Dylan Welch Media. Dylan has a long background in television production, having produced over 1,000 TV shows with ABC, NBC, CBS, and Amazon, before starting his own company with a focus on clean technology, renewable energy, and sustainability. Since then, Dylan has interviewed hundreds of scientists, CEOs, and experts in the renewable energy space, and has shared their stories to millions of people.

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