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The NXTGEN EV Café is an exciting concept that we will begin rolling out in 2023.

The premise is a fantastic and convenient location for electric vehicle drivers to be able to charge while meeting people for business or pleasure, grab a meal, perform work with free WiFi, and have clean restrooms. This is a setting will have electric vehicle charging powered by clean energy including solar canopies, roof mount solar, building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), micro wind turbines, battery storage, etc. It will also have solar powered parking lot lighting and smart pole technology for amenities such as free WiFi and security measures including cameras and license plate recognition. There will be indoor/outdoor seating with free device charging to accommodate guests for business meetings or social gatherings. Food and beverage vendors will be providing great options (we’re looking at Starbucks/DD/Chipotle/Dairy Queen/and so ). A rendering is attached.Rendering